Advanced Scrum Master Professionals (ASMP)

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Course Description

Advanced Scrum Master Professionals (ASMP)

Once you have obtained a flag in your hat as a Scrum Master certified then you should go for an amelioration, therefore, your next step should be taking up the Advanced Scrum Master Professional Certification. 


The Advanced Scrum Master certification will augment the window of opportunity for your career and overall growth, this, in turn, will upsurge the chances for you at grabbing the highest-paid and desired job. 

Scrumversity offers distinctive learning. This allows you to reinvigorate your older concepts that you learned as a Scrum master professional but it will also give you a deep insight into the advanced level of Scrum concepts and practices and how to utilize those in achieving tasks at hand. The course focuses on advancing your skills as a Scrum Master for precise outcomes and results for an organization. It will let you add another feather to your cap and will allow you to get all the benefits that come along with this certification.

Why choose

The contemporary strategies and tactics involved in the teaching methodologies set above all.

Furthermore, the training imparted is monumental and is truly comprehensible coupled with intensive practices to eradicate doubts and queries of individuals who want an insight into the theories related to the services offered by the Google cloud platforms.

The course of study follows a structured pattern and paradigm that allows the individuals to have an unswerving learning experience.

The priority here is the candidate and whatever suits him/her, suits us. Time management is as per your need indeed.

We at, make use of interactive sessions that you will take with your trainer. This particular practice makes us beyond comparison.

The course syllabus remains up-to-date with the current pattern of the examination and it likewise produces effective results.


One of the main objectives of this certification is to impart a cavernous education in Agile methods.

  • The training allows you to become an expert in facilitating the communication between the Product Owner, team members, customers, stakeholders, and executives.
  • The training will strengthen you as far as encountering risks and resistance towards changes and transformations are concerned. This will also allow you to tackle low motivation among the team members along with the lack of key people.
  • You will be able to eradicate any obstruction that may arise in the adoption of scrum and agile methods and practices. This will permit you to achieve wonders for your firm. 
  • Insight into building practices, DevOps, and agile designs.
  • Learn to foregather revved up groups for exemplary performance in determining change at scale.
  • Paves way for Scrum masters to take up influential positions in Agile group projects.
  • The course offers remarkable instruments for gathering teams that can work together for task achievement.
  • Experience and comprehend the reality of challenges and concerns associated with getting a job done by a team.
  • Get thorough knowledge of all the development practices.
  • Insight into various aspects of a scrum team and achieve tasks as one team.
  • Learn to settle strenuous Project Management situations as a Scrum Master.
  • You will be able to get and deliver in-depth exposure to advanced scrum concepts. Consequently, this will allow you to journey forth in the arena of Certified Scrum Master  Professional- Scrum Master (SMP-CM).

Benefits of an Advanced Scrum Master Professional:

  • Shore up the reception of DevOps, Agile design and building practices.
  • Improve your imminent capacity and help you in performing out of the lead with faultlessness.
  • Cover up the backing of cross-group collaborations in the help of the program carrying out and persistent change.
  • Deciphering how to apply Kanban eXtreme Programming (XP) systems to add to the cooperation and augment stream.
  • Pertaining to SAFe (Scrum Advanced agile framework) standards to aid, enablement, and guidance in a multi-group condition.


  • Three years of experience in scrum/agile projects.

  • Should be SMP or SPOC proclaimed.

  • Must present a review of scrum/agile tasks with a word count of 500.

  • You can similarly go to a 2-day ASMP classroom preparing gave by a SCRUMVersity A.T.P.

    The formalities regarding this exam may be completed online by the individuals. Further, you need to register to and apply for the exam. Moreover, the class can also be attended online by paying a reasonable amount of money i.e. around 250 USD. By shelling out this money, individual will get a voucher that is obligatory.


  • Sl. No.
  • Chapter
  • Chapter - 1
  • Agile methodologies revisited
  • Chapter - 1.1
  • Kanban
  • Chapter - 1.2
  • Scrum
  • Chapter - 2
  • Scrum Master competencies
  • Chapter - 2.1
  • Perspectives of a SM
  • Chapter - 2.2
  • Facilitation
  • Chapter - 2.3
  • Coaching
  • Chapter - 3
  • Coaching the Development team
  • Chapter - 3.1
  • Self-Organization and team Dynamics
  • Chapter - 3.2
  • Key attributes of effective teams
  • Chapter - 3.3
  • Coaching for high performing teams
  • Chapter - 3.4
  • DoD
  • Chapter - 3.5
  • Agile engineering practices
  • Chapter - 4
  • Coaching the Product Owner
  • Chapter - 4.1
  • Understanding stakeholder requirements
  • Chapter - 4.2
  • Insights into measuring value
  • Chapter - 4.3
  • Facilitating Product Envisioning
  • Chapter - 4.4
  • Advanced Product Backlog refinement
  • Chapter - 4.5
  • Coaching the PO during retrospectives
  • Chapter - 5
  • Coaching the Organization
  • Chapter - 5.1
  • Organizational impediments – Barriers to Scrum adoption
  • Chapter - 5.2
  • Techniques to resolve the impediments
  • Chapter - 5.3
  • Scaling Scrum
  • Chapter - 6
  • Scrum Mastery
  • Chapter - 6.1
  • Evolving to become a great Scrum master