Can CSM (Certified Scrum Master) Certification Be Done Online?


Predominantly, the Certified Scrum Master Certification could not be done online or through online means but today we all are in the middle of a pandemic that cannot be just ignored and because of this Corona virus, the world is now in the middle of a global experimentation phase where E-learning is coming up as the safest mode of learning. The physical classroom could not be accessed as far as we don't have a vaccine for the Corona virus.


Since everything apparently is under lockdown, this becomes a crucial time where the interested candidates can upscale their skills and can level up their current working profile just by being part of the remote earning experience. Remote learning classes are accessible from the comfort of the homes and therefore are an acceptable form of learning during this global pandemic.


Evidently, it is an opportunity through which the professionals can upgrade and enhance their careers in the Scrum domain through the Certified Scrum Master certification. The Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certification is an entry-level scrum certification that provides a kick start in the Scrum domain. Through the Certified Scrum Master certification training, the professionals can derive knowledge and skills that are related to Scrum and Agile practices, methodologies, principles and theories. Ever since the doors for remote learning opened for the Certified Scrum Master certification, the registrations have started pouring in like never before. If you are interested then without further ado, grab yours with us and start your CSM Certification journey without any hassle.

Moreover, along with the CSM training online, the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certification examination is also available online and the professionals can keep moving while the world rests because of the Corona virus pandemic.

This paper stands in continuation to the previously discussed matters, concerns and frequently asked questions revolving around Scrum, Agile, Project management and Certified Scrum Master (CSM). Today we are going to discuss in detail regarding the most frequently surfaced and repeatedly asked question that is, Can I do CSM online?


Can I do a Certified Scrum Master online?

Today with endless technologies, nothing stands impossible in this world. The sector of education has gone through many experiments since the past decade and therefore today what we have or are encountering is the refined result of that experimentation that cannot be overlooked. Globalization has shaped how we see things today. Education being the string that binds us to globalization is also under its effects that are obviously positive and therefore people are able to achieve a high-grade education with the help of remote learning. The idea of remote learning is present since time immemorial but is now accepted on a large scale partially because of the pandemic but more than that the complexities of our fast-paced lives have pushed us towards accepting the most comfortable and feasible ways through which we can learn and grow.

Since professionals are already working and have a job on hand, their presence in the physical classroom becomes totally demanding and therefore many because of this factor never takes up new learning paths to transform their skills and knowledge. But now, it has become a thing of the past and people today are accepting the online teaching methods and modes with open arms as it has opened several doorways to new possibilities and opportunities. Also, there is no need to compromise on their professional life and job which is why the idea of remote learning is not an alien concept anymore and is suited to all the working professionals or for anyone who wishes to learn and grow from the comfort of their homes.


Some of the major characteristic components of the online training are as follows:

  • We are the training providers and run several online courses that have produced able and capable candidates with knowledge and skills.
  • Our online study courses are totally convergent on the topics that are related to Program management which covers several detailed videos on Agile and non-Agile topics.
  • Aspirants from across the globe enrol for the courses and add another dimension of diversity to the learning sessions that then turns into an interactive session that delivers all-around information regarding the Scrum and Agile topics.


After being a part of the Certified Scrum Master training online, the candidates become a part of the global learning experience that offers a path towards the CSM online training and certification. The possibility of doing the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certification online has made it a much sought-after course as far as the Scrum certifications are concerned.

The transition from the physical classroom sessions to the CSM certification training online has taken place due to the emergency situation that arrived after the coming of the novel Corona virus that has suddenly shaken the world from its very core. Right now we are in a total stagnant phase where the future seems vague and preferably distant but the situation will change and one should focus on the time that is going to come once we are out of the shadows of the Novel Corona virus.

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Once the pandemic is over, things will slowly and steadily go back to normal, the competition will rise again and right now when you have the time, it is the right time to get certified with the certifications that can provide you with a great start for the time that is yet to arrive. It is because of the remote learning sessions, the professionals are able to access the classes and can invest their idle time in learning something that will benefit them in the near future.


  • The remote learning classes and sessions are delivered with the help of the certified trainers that are highly qualified and experienced to deliver the Scrum master certification training.
  • The teaching method and the teaching classes are just another replicas of the traditional classroom sessions. And without compromising on the learning system the online remote learning classes comes with the advantage of being totally comfortable for the learners as they are able to attend the same as per the time that suits them and is convenient for them.
  • The dimension of convenience makes remote learning a best-suited option for the working professionals who have to manage between their work and study.


The CSM training attributes:

  • The E-learning covers a 16-hour long face to face interactive sessions through which all the crucial topics are covered that are essential from the certification point of view.
  • The trainers are able to deliver the right approach as far as the CSM certification exam is concerned. All these and many more facilities make the remote learning best option for the professionals who are interested in increasing their base and are looking for widening their knowledge and skills.
  • It is also mandatory from the certification point of view, a candidate must fulfil the needed requirements that implies attendance to a 16-hour long training. Attendance to these hours of training is a standard requirement which is why it is mandatory as far as the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certification is concerned.
  • If you look into the basic requirements and the prerequisite released by the Scrum Alliance, the candidates must ensure that they have attended a two-day training session before taking the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certification. This has been made a mandatory requirement in order to ensure individual reciprocity.
  • The channel of communication that gets established between the trainers and the trainee ensures a consistent and smooth flow of information and explanation of the topics that are mandatory for qualifying the examination.
  • The interaction with the trainers not only ensures a smooth flow of study but at the same time it also plays a crucial role in transforming them into certified professionals who are ready to take the challenges in the real workplace. This also adds an added exposure to the overall learning experience that further enhances the entire Scrum knowledge.
  • The interactive sessions lead and pave way for wider discussions that are not just limited to the Scrum frameworks instead it also covers the entire and wider topics that are associated with Scrum and thus mould the candidates to become perfect Scrum masters who are aware of their roles and responsibilities in an organization.
  • The practical aspect of the learning is covered along with the theoretical dimension which enhances the entire learning journey and the impact is embedded and goes long after when the training period is over.


The remote learning sessions are preferred because of the following reasons that are as follows:

  • The flexibility of the learning sessions makes it worth a try for the professionals who are dealing with their current professions.
  • The live online classes are interactive sessions that allow professionals a scope through which they can discuss their ongoing doubts and confusions with the trainers or the instructors.
  • Access to the E-learning module is also available for deep learning that can be taken from anywhere and at any time.


Let us now consider some of the most frequently asked questions that revolve around the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) online training.

Frequently asked questions:

Can Certified Scrum Master (CSM) online training and certification can be done online?

You can enroll for the CSM virtual training sessions that will allow you to become a part of a 16 hour long, 2-day training session with the certified trainers who are competent enough to deliver the right approach and knowledge that is required in order to crack the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certification exam.

How to get Scrum Master Certification online?

You can get certified with the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certification by opting for the CSM exam that you can access once you have completed the CSM online training of 16 hours in total. The completion of the required virtual sessions of the training will allow you to access the CSM exam through which you can get the Scrum Master certification. After completion of the scheduled training sessions, the candidates get access to the CSM examination and upon its qualification, the candidates receive the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) credential.

Do we get any CSM guide for pre-post-learning?

After enrollment to the CSM course is complete the candidates are able to get access to the entire CSM guide that will smoothen their Scrum learning journey and will also help and assist with the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certification exam.

Can I take the CSM exam without training?

As per the guidelines and the prerequisites that are needed for the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certification, it is mandatory to attend a two-day training course before sitting for the CSM certification exam. Hence you cannot take the CSM exam without the Certified Scrum Master training.

Where to take the Scrum Master exam?

The CSM exam is available online and therefore the candidates can sit for the CSM exam over the web with better connectivity to the internet. You can take the CSM exam from practically anywhere in the world. 

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