How to be an effective scrum master?


scrum master certification

Scrum Masters are the backbone of the projects that are centred on the scrum principles, functionalities and methodologies. Scrum Masters are the sole responsibility holders of the entire project and therefore their work requires a lot of competencies as they have to fulfil the role of a servant leader who works towards the betterment of the projects so that the project yields better results and outcomes. 

Throughout this column, we are going to discuss regarding the Scrum master professional certification and how one can become an effective Scrum master through it. 

To begin, let us first have a clear comprehension of what exactly is a Scrum master professional certification?


An outlook of the Scrum Master Professional (SMP) Certification 

The Scrum Master certification is preparatory in the Scrum domain that provides an overall comprehension of the elementary concepts, principles, practices and methodologies associated with the Scrum framework. Scrum is regarded as an ultra-successful framework as far as projects are concerned which is why it is also a holy grail among several organizations today. 

The Scrum Master Professional (SMP) certification renders an overall insight into the Scrum theories and practices that are required in order to fit into the roles and responsibilities as a Scrum master. The Scrum framework is an innovative framework in project management that offers a variety of methods through which productivity can be maximized to a great extent in an organization. Through the Scrum Master Professional (SMP) certification the professionals who are seeking the role of Scrum master get an overall comprehension of how the scrum team dynamics work and what can be done in order to manage and lead scrum teams and team members.


Scrum fundamentals are well understood through the Scrum Master Professional certification and therefore the professionals are able to tread way long in the Scrum domain. After taking the fundamental Scrum master professional certification the candidates then can move to other intermediate and advance level scrum certifications. Through the SMP certification training, the candidates get an insight into the functioning along with the execution of the Scrum method in order to derive the desired result from the projects.

Let us consider who should take the Scrum Master Professional (SMP) certification.


Audience Profile for the Scrum Master Professional (SMP) certification

The Scrum Master Professional (SMP) is an exemplary career-enhancing option for the following professionals:

  • Development team members

  • Team leaders

  • Testers

  • Product managers

  • Software engineers

  • Business analysts

  • Project managers

However, anyone who is interested to get started with Scrum can opt for the scrum master certification online that offers a great start.


scrum master certification

What are the roles and responsibilities of a Scrum Master?

A Scrum Master plays various roles in the entire project development process. The major roles that one needs to take over after the scrum master certification training are as follows:

  • Scrum Masters are the ones who are able to motivate the teams and the team members towards effective implementation of the scrum methodologies while working on a Scrum project. Each step is taken into consideration by the scrum masters who work towards the eradication of any hindrances that may affect the progress of the entire project.

  • Scrum Masters are the ones who comprehend the utilization of various scrum tools and practices such as the Scrum burndown tool that is used to track a team’s progress. The agile software development methodologies such as Scrum constantly utilizes the Scrum burndown tool to derive the development team’s updates and help with charting out the remaining work of the day.

  • The scrum masters are the change agents in an organization and work towards enabling a culture in which the teams can flourish and prosper. This directly affects the overall productivity in an organization and simple leads to the desired output.

  • An organization is able to manufacture and produce great high-end products because of the presence of a Scrum Master who utilizes his knowledge, skills and Scrum understanding in order to bring about a change in the overall functioning of the entire team and the Scrum team members.

  • Scrum masters are able to handle complex tasks and provide guidance and assistance to the Scrum team members as far as Scrum principles, Scrum events, Scrum roles, Scrum artefacts, Sprint, Sprint life cycle is concerned.


These are few of the major roles played by a Scrum Master in the entire project management process. If you are interested to take the role of a Scrum master then you can follow the steps mentioned below in order to become an effective Scrum Master in an organization with full Scrum competency and advanced skills. 

How to be an effective Scrum Master?

Primarily, the Scrum Master certification can be taken through the Scrum Master Professional (SMP) training that is meant to deliver an overall insight into the functioning of the Scrum Development process. Moreover, it also provides hands-on experience and learning related to Scrum concepts, principles and practices that lead to career advancement in the Scrum domain. The training classes are highly comprehensive and because a qualified and experienced trainer is involved it also is the best for professionals who have no idea about the Scrum framework.

The following steps can be taken in order to become a Scrum Master:

  • Firstly, the interested candidates must check with the basic eligibility requirements if any, the candidates then can enrol for an online scrum master training that provides overall assistance with the Scrum Master Professional certification exam.

  • Attend the training classes as per the availed schedule. After attending the course you will receive scrum educational units equivalent to the hours attended in the training.

  • Once the training schedule is complete, the candidates then can schedule the examination to take the SMP certification at no cost.

  • Attend the assessment, qualify it and receive the Scrum Master credential.

Career prospects

The Scrum Master qualification opens doors for several opportunities that are not only career enhancing but at the same time provides optimum exposure that can mould the overall personality of the professionals. The most common career prospects that one becomes eligible for after taking the Scrum Master Professional certification are as follows:

  • Scrum masters

  • Delivery lead

  • Agile scrum masters

  • Program managers

  • Project managers

  • Agile coach

  • Automation engineer

  • Project lead


Along with the above-mentioned career prospects the candidates can also go for other educational options that will allow them the scope to widen their scrum knowledge and skills through other intermediate and advanced levels in the Scrum domain.

Enroll at Edukasion for the Scrum master training online and get started with your scrum career. Get a chance to learn from the industry experts and grab a hands-on experience related to the implementation of the scrum and related frameworks.

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