Introduction to Certified scrum master certification? What is scrum?


Scrum and Agile methodologies have changed the way organizations used to work in the past. Moreover, these methodologies have shown proven results and have maximized the entire productivity of the teams and the organization. 

In this paper, we will shed some light on the several attributes of the Certified Scrum Master certification and will get accustomed to the Scrum framework in detail. 


What is scrum?

Scum is a subordinate of the Agile framework that was curated to develop, deliver and sustain products that are convoluted in nature and requires expert hands. The Scrum framework as we know today is applicable across various industries that are present such as marketing, research, sales and so on. However, it was formally created for software development. With its various uses and utilization across varied segments, Scrum today is regarded as the most promising framework that delivers great results and outcomes that are desired by the users.

Scrum framework is the most accurate framework that focuses on increasing the overall productivity in organizations that are up for changes in their processes. The initial change and transition to the Scrum framework require a lot of adaptation, however, the results start to show when the scrum principles and practices are followed religiously and effectively.


Scrum and Agile frameworks work towards the achievement of the goals and majorly focuses on dissecting the entire project into smaller sprints so that the work is distributed evenly and therefore is achieved well on time. Scrum framework is a time-based process that aims at completing the work on hand rather than focusing on the entire project at a given point of time. Smaller sprints are completed and are assessed for any possible hindrances that might slow down the entire project. Sprint retrospectives are performed and thus a complete work cycle is achieved.


Scrum also facilitates collaboration and thus a deeply rooted communication is achieved song the different segments and the teams that are working on a single project. With great communication, a smooth workflow is maintained which further accelerates the development of the entire project. It is because of Scrum, organizations today are outperforming themselves and it is also regarded as the most advanced framework today for managing and planning projects that are complex. Teams are able to work together because of Scrum and therefore it is regarded as a miracle solution by the organizations. The Scrum framework allows avenues for the teams so that they are able to learn from their mistakes and past experiences, thus they have holistic and pragmatic learning as far as processes are concerned.

Scrum can be summed up as follows:

  • Self-organization

  • Continuous improvement 

  • Reflection of the wins and the losses.


Introduction to Certified Scrum Master certification 

The Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certification is a beginner’s certification in the scrum domain that allows professionals a scope to learn about the fundamentals and the elements related to Scrum and Agile. The CSM certification acts as a basic guide in the Scrum framework. The professionals thus are motivated to achieve the great skills and knowledge in the Scrum domain. Through the Certified Scrum Master certification, the professionals can kick start their Scrum careers as a Scrum Master

csm certification training

Being a Scrum Master, the professionals are able to perform the following roles:

  •  As Scrum masters, they will act as change agents in the organizations just to provide an overall comprehension of the scrum methodologies and terminologies to the teams that are new to Scrum and Agile framework.

  • Scrum masters act as servant leaders and respond to the needs and requirements of the scrum teams and the team members that are handling and managing projects according to the scrum norms and methods.

  • Entire scrum project success is entirely dependent on the scrum masters who work to deliver the right approaches that are meant to provide an all-inclusive understanding of the scrum methodologies and functionalities.

  • Scrum Masters are the change initiators in the organizations and thus are fully aware of the entire Scrum framework and methodologies. They are known educators of the scrum best practices that can have a positive impact on the overall completion of the project and the team's performance.


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The Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certification is much sought after certification for software engineers, team leaders, testers, product managers, business analysts, project managers and development team members. Through the certified scrum master training online, these professionals can have great opportunities and possibilities that can create a great impact on the overall work portfolio.


How to become a certified Scrum Master?

The following steps can be taken in order to get certified with the Certified Scrum Master certification:

  • First and foremost the candidate needs to enrol for a CSM certification online that is going to help with learning the basics and the fundamentals associated with the training.

  • Next, after the completion of the two-day training course, the candidates will receive the scrum educational units (SEUs) that are required for the examination. 

  • Once your course is completed you will be provided with the login credentials. Using these credentials, you can create your own credentials for the login process.

  • After full preparation, the candidates are advised to take the online CBT exam of the CSM certification. The exam is included as a part of the training program.

  • The candidate needs to secure the passing marks in order to get certified with the CSM qualification. 

  • Upon successful qualification of the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) examination the candidates will receive a licence agreement. Accept the license agreement to receive your CSM qualification credential.

  • After accepting the license agreement, you then will enjoy a two-year scrum master credential.

Note: the validity of the CSM certification is two years in a row. After this the candidates again need to appear for the CSM exam in order to maintain the CSM credential.


Online CSM Training

There are several options available to take the online CSM training that is going to cover all the fundamentals and the basics related to scrum and agile framework. The CSM certification training online allows candidates a scope through which they can master the scrum methodologies and functionalities.

The online training is the best option because of the following:

  • Online CSM training is flexible.

  • Illustrative and interactive sessions 

  • On on one trainer guidance 

  • Examination preparation sessions.

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