Project Management Professional (PMP) Procedure, Costs and Other Related Attributes


Project management is one of the fastest-growing careers today that allow IT, professionals, a scope through which they are able to embark upon a bright path as far as their future is concerned. The Project Management qualification allows individuals the scope through which they can start their journeys in the PMP field by developing knowledge and skills through gathering information regarding the Project management methodologies, principles, theories and practices. If you have decided on taking the Project Management qualification then there are certain attributes that must have crossed your mind. For instance, the costs associated with the PMP certification, the path to take, training options, experience requirements and other related things. 

Worry not, you have come to the right place. In this paper, we are going to dissect all the constituents associated with the Project Management Professional qualification and as a consequence, you will gather an overall knowledge regarding the PMP pathway and what needs to be done in order to achieve it. The cost breakup will be included to provide an insight into what the candidate needs to invest to become a PMP certified professional. So follow until the very end. Without further ado, let’s straight dive into the full rotation of Project management certification that will cover an exclusive focus on the PMP certification cost, PMP examination cost for the PMI members and the non-members, eligibility criteria and the requirements, PMP courseware cost, PMP registration fee, and other related aspects.


To begin, let us first understand what exactly is PMP (project management professional) and how one can achieve Project management professional qualification and what steps need to be taken in order to get certified with Project management professional certification.


What is Project Management Professional (PMP) certification?

All the Project Managers across the world need to have a validation of their skills and knowledge in the Project Management domain; this validation is achieved through a professional credential that is Project management professional or commonly referred to as the PMP. Project management professional certification is a global benchmark for project managers across the globe who are looking to excel in the project management domain. Project Managers are integral to Project management and likewise, the PMP certification is integral to Project Managers. Without the PMP qualification, the professionals are not able to move forward in the project management field. Organizations today are only interested in hiring PMP certified candidates who are capable of leading and directing projects as per the Project Management methodologies and practices. 


The Project Management Professional certification is offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI) which is the sole governing body of the PMP certification online and provides this world recognized credential to those who qualify. The PMP certification is awarded to the project managers who are able to qualify the Project management professional examination. The exam plays a crucial role in the entire Project management certification. Through PMP, you can validate your skills and knowledge in the management of projects that are complex and convoluted and require expertise.


After the qualification of the Project management professional (PMP) examination, the candidates achieve the PMP certification that comes with a validity of three years. After that, certified professionals must maintain their qualification. For maintenance, the professionals can follow the pathway of the Continuing Certification Requirement (CCR) program.

PMI today stands at the pedestal of delivering quality education and certification to millions of professionals in the project management domain. With more than a million certified individuals, the Project Management Institute is also regarded as the latest community of Project Managers that are governed by the guidelines issued by PMI. For worldwide recognition and acknowledgement as a Project Manager, the professionals must have the PMP certification. This not only increases their employability across the nations but at the same time also provides an added edge.


Insight into the PMP certification cost

For taking the Project Management professional qualification the candidate must qualify the PMP CBT exam that comprises 200 multiple choice based questions. A total of four hours is given to the candidates to attempt the 200 questions. For the ease of the professionals, the PMP examination is offered in 13 different languages worldwide. Well this was all about the PMP exam but if you are curious regarding the PMP certification cost then here are the exact figures and details:

pmp certification training

For the PMP examination, the cost associated with the Computer-Based Testing (CBT) is as follows:

  • PMI members need to pay $405 

  • PMI non-members need to pay $555


The membership of the Project management Institute offers various advantages and access to the elite community of the Project managers those who are certified with the PMP certification. 

The non-members need to pay $555 that covers the examination cost and the membership cost as well. It is always recommended to go for the PMI membership as it offers certain advantages to the candidates who are planning for the PMP certification.

In the case of the PMP certification training, the cost varies and somewhere between the range of $300 to $5000. Through the training, the professionals can achieve the required 35 professional development units that are mandatory from the PMP exam point of view.


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PMP certification cost with respect to the renewal process

The renewal process related to the Project Management professional qualification requires the candidates to have a collection of certain Professional development units (PDUs). Once this requirement is met the professionals then can go for the renewal of their PMP certification. The professionals will receive an electronic notification to proceed further with their renewal. Through this notification he candidates need to provide the renewal fees which is as follows:

  • The CCR renewal fees for the PMI members is $60

  • The CCR renewal fees for the non-PMI members is $150


There are two separate renewals in case of the Project Management professional certification. First is the renewal of the PMP certificate and the other is the renewal of the PMI membership. There are separate charges for the same. 

Renewal procedure 

  • An audit process takes place by the Project Management Institute for all the applicants. The PMI fortuitously picks up the profiles or the band of PI certification holders.

  • The candidates will be asked to present the supporting materials to back up the professional development units (PDUs).


PMP Certification Cost and Re-examination fees

The Project management professional (PMP) certification allows individuals the scope through which they are able to transform their current careers. It is a much-opted certification today owing to the fact that it offers a plethora of advantages and perks to the certified candidates that are as follows:

  • Ample recognition in the workplace.

  • Edge over other non-certified professionals.

  • Endless opportunities and possibilities that are not limited to specific boundaries.

  • Higher pay and greater employability rate.


Because of the above-mentioned perks, it is always a great idea to get recertified with the PMP certification that allows you to continue on your path of development and self-growth. The re certification PMP certification cost is as under:

For the PMI members, the cost is $275 and for the non-members, the re certification cost is $375. 

Grab your PMP qualification through the PMP online training and achieve the standard of a qualified Project Manager.with the training you will be provided with the essential course ware that will deliver the first hand experience of the Project management certification and exam

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