TOGAF® 9 Training Course: Level 1 and Level 2

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Course Description



The Open Group Architecture Framework, formerly known as TOGAF is the most recent version of TOGAF launched in April 2018and is an all-new transformation of TOGAF 9.1. It is more of a practical course that deals with overall dimensions of the Enterprise Architecture. 


TOGAF 9.2 is a high-level modus-operandi to design, plan, implement and to govern an organization’s Information technology architecture. The overall process depends on standardization, transposability and making use of the already existing and verified technologies and products that generate fruitful outcomes for an enterprise.

All the specializations used in the process, commonly known as Architecture domains are co-related with one another thereby producing effective and even results that generate reliable results for improved productivity. Apart from this, these domains govern the business strategies in order to logically predict physical data assets and the corresponding data management resources.


The TOGAF 9.2 is a comprehensive Enterprise Architecture owing to the fact that it not only caters to technology alone but with Enterprise Architecture as a whole.

TOGAF 9.2 is a more standardized version of the original TOGAF technology and is finely structured and more idealistic and refined to suit the needs of Architects.

Why choose


The contemporary strategies and tactics involved in the teaching methodologies set above all.


Furthermore, the training imparted is monumental and is truly comprehensible coupled with intensive practices to eradicate doubts and queries of individuals who want an insight into the theories related to TOGAF 9.2.


The course of study follows a structured pattern and paradigm that allows the individuals to have an unswerving learning experience.


The priority here is the candidate and whatever suits him/her, suits us. Time management is as per your need indeed.


We at, make use of interactive sessions that you will take with your trainer. This particular practice makes us beyond comparison.


The course syllabus remains up-to-date with the current pattern of the examination and it likewise produces effective results.



  • This certification is the best fit for architects like :
  1. IT architects
  2. Business architects
  3. Solution architects 
  4. Infrastructure architects
  5. Data architects
  • This certification is relevant for organization architecture professionals and project managers who are directly or indirectly accountable for the execution of Enterprise architecture.
  • It is also apt for individuals who would like to get an insight into the TOGAF 9.2 approach.
  • Additionally, the certification is the best fit for individuals who are keen on working on IoT projects owing to the fact that this certification will benefit them in many ways.



  • The course allows you to design and undertake the execution of Enterprise Architecture in order to aid mission-critical business applications.
  • The methods and tools employed for helping in the undertaking, production, utilization, and perpetuation of enterprise architecture becomes easily comprehensible.
  • Learn how to re-modify and make use of existing architecture assets.
  • Gain insight into not only the in-depth understanding of TOGAF but also get the first-hand experience of TOGAF implementation with simulated real-world case studies.
  • Get accustomed to the terminologies related to the Enterprise Architecture along with an overall understanding of TOGAF version 9.2 and know-how of its practical execution as far as Enterprise Architecture is concerned.
  • If you become TOGAF 9.2 certified, then you will act as a simplifier who will be able to uncloak convoluted technical processes.
  • Through this training, you will be able to contemplate the efficient and effective utilization of Enterprise architecture. Moreover, it lets you determine the ongoing transformation or transition, state and the preferred or appropriate path for strategy.
  • Once you are a TOGAF 9.2 certified professional, you will be able to corroborate or set the seal on the coordination and synchronization among the ideals and the objectives of an organization.
  • Apart from this, the training will allow you to make the most of Cloud Deployment Manager. It is a system that makes use of templates to foster and run Cloud resources.
  •  Along with this, you will master the postulates of Enterprise Architecture which in turn will aid the development of the organization's long-term IT strategy.
  • Another main objective of this certification is to provide some great perks to the certified individuals who can make use of their knowledge of the TOGAF 9.2 services and practices in practical settings to achieve wonders for an organization.
  • You will be able to develop and systematize the technology that is required to steer the enterprise.
  • Last but not the least, it provides an unmediated exposure to the TOGAF 9.2 platform and related products as well as the application of TOGAF technologies to effectively run an enterprise.






  • Well, disposed training is rendered to obtain fruitful results and outcomes.


  • 36 hours of intensive training spread across 8 days (4.5 hours per day) and 9 hours in case of Classroom training. 


  • If you opt for instructor-led Live virtual classroom training then you will receive E-learning as a complimentary service from our end.


  • Once you join the training, an E-kit consisting of the study material will be given to you for no charge.


  • We, at, only entertain highly qualified and experienced professionals as far as tutoring is concerned.


  • Sl. No.
  • Chapter
  • Chapter - 1
  • Course-Intro
  • Chapter - 2
  • Management Overview
  • Chapter - 3
  • TOGAF 9 Framework Components
  • Chapter - 4
  • Intro ADM
  • Chapter - 5
  • Enterprise Continuum
  • Chapter - 6
  • Architecture Views and Viewpoints
  • Chapter - 7
  • Building Blocks
  • Chapter - 8
  • ADM Phases Level 1
  • Chapter - 9
  • Guidelines and Techniques Level 1
  • Chapter - 10
  • ADM Deliverables Level 1
  • Chapter - 11
  • Reference Models
  • Chapter - 12
  • Certification
  • Chapter - 13
  • Architecture Governance
  • Chapter - 14
  • Security Architecture
  • Chapter - 15
  • Metamodel
  • Chapter - 16
  • Building Blocks
  • Chapter - 17
  • Business Scenarios
  • Chapter - 18
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Chapter - 19
  • Implementation Support
  • Chapter - 20
  • Phase A
  • Chapter - 21
  • Phase B Business Architecture
  • Chapter - 22
  • Phase B
  • Chapter - 23
  • Phase C Overview
  • Chapter - 24
  • Phase C Data Architecture
  • Chapter - 25
  • I3RM
  • Chapter - 26
  • Phase C Applications Architecture
  • Chapter - 27
  • Foundation Architecture
  • Chapter - 28
  • Phase D Technology Architecture
  • Chapter - 29
  • Migration Planning
  • Chapter - 30
  • Phase E Opportunities and Solutions
  • Chapter - 31
  • Phase F Migration Planning
  • Chapter - 32
  • Phase G Implementation Governance
  • Chapter - 33
  • Phase H Architecture Change Management
  • Chapter - 34
  • Architecture Requirements Management
  • Chapter - 35
  • Architecture Partitioning12:57Preview
  • Chapter - 36
  • Iteration and Levels
  • Chapter - 37
  • Security
  • Chapter - 38
  • Architecture Maturity Models
  • Chapter - 39
  • Architecture Skills Framework